Plant of the Month- August – Salvia 2013


Salvia Hot Lips

Salvias are a diverse group of plants ranging from annuals to herbaceous perennials, evergreen perennials and herbs.
The annual type usually found in gardens is the well known scarlet salvia but that comes in many other colours now such as salmon, pink, cream and lilac. They are very popular as they add such a vibrant splash of colour to borders, containers and hanging baskets.
Not so well know are the beautiful herbaceous types which have striking flowers in glowing colours which are almost luminous. The most common are shades of blue and bright red but there is a particularly pretty variety, Salvia Hot Lips, which is white and red.
Of course the herb, sage, is very well known, where would stuffing be without it?  This also comes in purple, yellow and a variegated form which has cream, pink and purple areas on its leaves, all with that well know aromatic scent when crushed.

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